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Holistic Cynopraxic Training

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Method of Developing Behaviors 

Holistic Cynopraxic Training proceeds on the assumption that dogs and people possess a shared capacity to establish relations based on fair exchange. Such training promotes cognitive, emotional, and behavioral changes conducive social competence, cooperation, and play. Holistic Cynopraxic training objectives are governed by two essential social and life experience criteria: (1) enhance the human-dog relationship and (2) improve the dog’s quality of life. 

Benefits of the system:

•Provides a foundation of communication based on predictable and controllable exchanges between the owner and the dog

•Provides the owner with effective management and control skills

•Systematically balances the triune bond consisting of obedience, leadership, and nurturance Improves the dog’s attention and impulse-control abilities

•Promotes affection and mutual appreciation

•Establishes habits conducive to domestic harmony

•Enhances social adjustment, cooperation, and competence

•Promotes relaxation and a sense of well-being

•Builds confidence and trust​

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Who I am and What I Stand For

Harnessing Potential by Powerful Performance

Ive been training dogs for 15 years and for ten of those years I handled and trained Military Working Dogs and Multipurpose Canines in which I spent a total 32 months in the Middle East and foreign countries running missions with army infantry, special forces conducting training with the marines in Yuma Arizona and all branches in lackland afb in San Antonio.When asked what medals I’ve received I always say that I am honored to wear are the The Joint Services Commendation Medal, Army Infantry Combat Action Badge,Air Force Combat Action Ribbon, army achievement medal and the Air Force Achievement Medal. During     the 2012 election I spent three months traveling with Secret Service providing K9 support for the President and Presidential candidate at rally’s and presidential debates, in total I would put the number of secret service missions at about 50-60. Ive provided support to the DEA ATF,, Tampa SWAT and United Nations Conventions. I’ve trained medical service animals for veterans, children and others. I’ve developed training programs for professional breeders, developed curriculum for dog trainer schools and I even teach dog fitness classes.

 My formal education includes a Masters Behaviorology Certification, Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from the University of Tampa.Advanced Canine Nutrition and Exercise Specialist through CASI. 

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