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Canine Health and Behavior

**Website is being updated. You may read some incomplete sections or come across grammatical errors. I am working diligently to update everything as I am expanding services, creating more Synergy Allegiance. November 3 2022**
Now operating in Toano, Virginia. The services provided will range from training to peptide therapy from a board certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Board Certified Animal Behaviorist. There is no one more qualified, more knowledgeable, more experienced, more committed to the health and behavior of your family companion and your best friend that Synergy  Allegiance. 

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Synergy Allegiance

Become the Hero, Develop your dogs Super Powers!

The Evolution of the Bond, Health, Behavior and Developnent.

There are 90 million dogs that live in 68 million American homes. 96.6% of those 90 million dogs are viewed as members of the family, not just a pet.

The majority of these family members do not receive training, are not developed to their full potential, most of the behavior is misinterpreted and the advice given on behavior is distorted greatly by myth, folklore and outdated information. 

Why is it so many dogs that are considered to be a family member never receive any kind of training? 

Because of all the horror stories about dog trainers. 

I have been training dogs for 15 years with 10 of those years running combat operations with Army Infantry Units, Army Calvary Units, Air Force TACP and JTAC operators and other Tier 2 Operators. I have protected two United States Presidents, supported the 2012 RNC and all three 2012 Presidential Debates and ran drug interdiction operations with a task force comprised of Tampa Port Authority, Tampa SWAT, DEA and Border Patrol. In the military I completed well over of 18 months of schooling to become a dog handler, dog trainer, and kennel master. While active Duty where I then went on to receive my Masters Behaviorolgy Certification which the course load is equivalent to a Masters of Arts degree program. I also received my Bachelors of Science Degree in Kinesiology and Motor Behavior as well as earning an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice. I have a couple of other certifications but these three degrees are what I used to develop my patent pending method of training and modeling dog behavior. 

But how does that make me different?

It doesn’t, until you add in my experiences of living life with a dog. I was medically retired in 2017. Esprit, my malinois and the love of my life, the soul that completed mine was retired with me. I struggled when I got out, Esprit saved time and time again. Through my pain and through my failures I learned that our view of dogs is greatly misconstrued. Once the bond is sealed through joint physical achievement a dog then in a sense develops a soul.  We become integrated more or less as one. This is what makes me different. My view on what they mean to our personal lives through our attachment and bond. 

Now I plan to bring that experience along with my new method of training that reduces the time spent in training, improves the quality of training so that the owner never has to attend a group class they do not want or have to seek out more training, when training is done it is done for life!

Every day, in everything I do with a dog, I challenge a dog in training to develop the desired behavior that can handle any situation at any time of the day. 

By using my core values and operating with integrity I never under promise, to over deliver, you will become inspired and empowered to live an adventurous life with your family companion.

Whatever your training goals, my aim is to help you achieve meaningful, long term results with your dog as well achieving results that are sustainable within you. 

My goal is to help you produce happy, responsive, reliable behaviours in your dog over time – with less of the behaviour that we identify as undesirable.

The solutions I create through our work together will be built on a solid understanding of your unique situation, considering all available tools and means as they may be relevant.

So many dog owners are completely lost on where to start – particularly if they’re dealing with serious behavioural issues.

Good dog training needs to start with a plan, but without a solid process behind that planning real progress often remains elusive.

Synergy Allegiance is a simple, flexible process designed to produce a truly customized approach to suit you, your dog, and the things you wish to achieve.

Realistic goals, milestones to reach, which pieces we start to teach first and how to begin that work – i’ll help you put all the pieces together.

I develop the potential, performance, autonomy, relatedness, competence, beliefs, attitudes and motivation by an innovative approach to teach commands through the use of the dogs strongest sense, their sense of smell and reinforce those attributes and qualities by exercise, social play with other dogs internal rewards within novel environments.

Contact me today for a free demonstration of what your dog will look Iike and I wont just bring my dog I will bring a dog that I have just completed training with or is in the process of completing training and for a limited time give you a free 30 minute one on one lesson. If you have any questions, want to discuss any information, go over any goals the best way to get in touch with me is via text message (704)675-9898

Have a great day  and God Bless America!

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